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Dean Gets It Done

Supervisor dean preston

Elected in 2020, Dean Preston is the Supervisor of San Francisco’s District 5, and a progressive champion working to address critical issues of economic and racial equity in our city. The first Democratic Socialist to be elected in over 40 years, Dean’s background is in anti-displacement and tenants rights advocacy. 


  • Stood with Black Lives Matter and helped immediately ban in San Francisco the knee to neck chokehold that killed George Floyd

  • Permanently banned evictions for inability to pay rent due to COVID-19

  • Doubled the transfer tax to help renters pay back rent and build social housing by taxing the sale of property valued over $10 million 

  • Championed the 2nd Safe Sleeping Site in SF for District 5 homeless neighbors to start addressing the crisis 

  • Housed District 5 homeless women and families in hotels at no cost to taxpayers and passed law unanimously requiring the city to secure hotels for all homeless people

  • Established multiple Slow Streets for pedestrians and cyclists with car restrictions to improve our neighborhood experience

  • Wrote protections for local small business against eviction so they can recover from pandemic losses

  • Reversed Muni fare hikes and won a two-year fare freeze

  • Organized volunteers to help District 5 seniors and ensure their safety during the pandemic

  • Distributed thousands of masks and hand sanitizer to underserved communities

  • Stopped increased health care costs for city workers

  • Working to create affordable housing with a measure to authorize 10,000 units of affordable, social housing

  • Serves on San Francisco Economic Recovery Task Force to bring a fair recovery for all residents and small businesses 

  • Won eviction and rent protections for Midtown Park Apartments!

Rethink What’s Possible in San Francisco!  

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